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CLAVEM | Our mission
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Our mission

Our mission:

Clavem will support Individuals and Businesses across the globe to do what is required to be a Person and a Business for good.


It will do this through:

Workshops on and offline


Masterminds and Mentoring

Open and in-house training programmes


Partnering with the Entrepreneurs Institute

Partnering with select providers of superb learning products

Mentoring on GeniusU

Creating a global Entrepreneur Apprentice Programme


The main purpose of Clavem is to provide quality learning & education In a format that serves and support people to access education in a format suitable for them.


Our Principles:

Challenge the status quo – we will do this for ourselves and others by challenging the conditioning and the old ways. We will look for new ways and new means for all seeking and creating opportunities


Encourage the heart – when the going gets tough and it does sometimes, we will be there to support and uplift creating a way forward in your heart and ours


Model the way – we live true to our word, we operate honestly and transparently and we speak our truth in a way that is respectful


Inspire a shared vision – when we challenge it will be from heart with the bigger vision in mind communicating In a way that encourages others to follow and go to believe in