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On Point series

How to Set Goals for Inspiring and Sustaining Action
julie hogbin book

What would it mean to have anything you desired?


Well you can! It is all possible – just imagine you have your dream, you create a

plan, you deal with the obstacles that may get in your way, and you achieve your desire.


The life changing magic of setting goals covers both the psychological aspects

and practical aspects on how to achieve what you want.



I have spent a lot of time over many decades observing people and talking to people about achieving goals-or not as the case maybe! I have seen some people move mountains while others only move molehills within the same time frame, I have seen people with life-threatening diseases set goals for their health and fail to achieve them.


What is it that gets in our way even when we say we desperately want something? What is it that stops us doing what we say to do?


The life changing magic of setting goals has been written to allow you, the reader, to understand what goes on internally when you are faced with choices in relation to achieving your desires. It creates an awareness, not just about how to plan and actually write goals, but also to handle the habits and resistors that may get in your way.


The life changing magic of setting goals is an essential guidebook to anybody who wants to (or needs to) change something in their life or business.

julie hogbin book


clavem success route

This book will seriously help you achieve whatever goal you want to achieve in life, regardless of who you are, where you’re starting from, and at whatever stage you are in your life or business.


Learning the Magic of setting goals both practically and psychologically is the essence of this book. Have you ever wondered why some people appear to move mountains and others struggle with molehills? This book explains it all.


The ‘inner contest’ is an interesting and sometimes greatly underestimated competition we enter into when we want to do something differently.



How many times have you set yourself a Goal, a resolution whatever you want to call it and failed?


Believe it or not, our conscious thoughts are not our real driver! A few minutes reading this book could, if you truly want it to, change your life for the better. You will understand you at a far deeper level.


This book contains information never before brought together in one place with true stories from the author and exercises for you to complete.


It is designed for people who want to achieve their goals, not just dream of them! Is that you?

Clavem julie hogbin book


How to Set Goals for Inspiring and Sustaining Action, by Julie Hogbin

Includes some amazing bonuses with the book.

Get a copy of the book from Amazon now



julie hogbin book

“There are, of course, empowering beliefs, which are the ones that allow you to move mountains where others can only move a molehill.


The trick is to clearly identify where you want to be in the future, dream big because this will be your inspiration and your foundation to work from.​


Your why is your driving force, it is your cause, it is your force for good and it will be personal to you. You may be doing it for someone else BUT — and it’s a big BUT — it’s because you WANT to, not because you have been told to.”

Julie Hogbin


Julie Hogbin

Julie Hogbin


​Julie is an inspirational and practical speaker and a leadership expert who specifically works with and looks at how to uncover and harness human potential into business and life success.


Julie has spent three decades working with thousands of individuals working on this exact issue and is now taking her knowledge to the world through her writing and online masterclasses and training. ClaimYourDestiny.global


A well-travelled woman she says she has worked too many years for other people either in her first career as an accountant and auditor or in her second career working with leaders in business. She is now delighted to say that she is very probably ‘un-employable’ and is able to spend her time with the people she loves (in between work, which she loves) her life partner and her Mum who is 90.


Julie lives in Kent, UK.




Creating and claiming your destiny works with a plan, the right information, and the right support network, it involves #ConsciousLeadership and what better way to learn how, than from those who already have.


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